The International Journal of Research and Review

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1          The Development of Quality of School Career Guidance Scale (QoSCGS)

            Dominique T. Rivera


12        Analysis of Rater’s Effects using the Rasch Model

           Jovelyn G. Delosa


21        Teachers’ Occupational Stress and Career Commitment: The Moderating Role of Social Axioms

            Rica Anne D. Lunar


36        The Science Process Skills of Junior High School Students in the K to12 Science Curriculum

             Jigger P. Leonor


48        Teaching Outcomes of Graduate School Faculty as Input to Professional Development

             David Cababaro Bueno


67        Flipped Classroom as a Tool in Improving the Level of Mathematical Discourse of Students

             Charlie O. Fababaer


85        Facilitating Student Learning in Schools through a Learning Management System: An Action Research

            Carlo Magno

Volume 11, September 2016


1             Participatory Communication as a means of Achieving Good Governance in Nigeria: A Case Study of Town Hall Meeting in Edo State

               Samuel Olushola AJAGUN


13           The Effectiveness of Explicit and Implicit Approaches in Learning Grammar Knowledge

               Dave Kenneth Tayao Cayado and Justine Vasquez Alpanta


20           Assessment of Mathematics Cognitive Skills of Incoming Senior High School Students: Basis for an Intervention Program

               John Irish G. Lira


39           The Effect Size of Self-regulation and Prior knowledge on Students Performance in an Open High School Program

                Carlo Magno

Volume 10, March 2013

1        The Use of Self-regulated Learning, Formative Assessment, and Mastery Learning to Assist Students Enrolled in Developmental Mathematics: A       

          Demonstration Project   

          John Hudesman, Nicholas Millet, Grazyna Niezgoda, Sandie Han, and Bert Flugman

2        The Mediating Effect of Academic Self-efficacy on Relatedness, Autonomy, and Academic Engagement

          Christina S. Sison and Sr. Praseena Sebastian

3        College Self-efficacy and Academic Satisfaction Moderated by Academic Stress

          Jasmine Nadja J. Pinugu


4        Relations between Present-hedonistic and Future Time Perspective, Achievement Goal Orientation and Regulatory Strategy Use in Technology Rich 

          Learning Environments

          Dylan Marshall   

Volume 9, September 2012


1           Exploring Self-regulatory Behaviors during Music Practice among South Asian Indian American Instrumental Students            

Darshanand Ramdass and Héfer Bembenutty


32        Implicit Theories of Intelligence, Achievement Goal Orientation, and Academic Achievement of Engineering Students

Carlo Magno


44       Self-care Strategies among Malaysian Counselors

HasleeSharil Abdullah, Poh Li, Lau, and KooiFoon, Chan


59        Filipino Parent-Adolescent Relationship Scale

Marie Antoniette Alino


Volume 8, March 2012

1           Family Influence and Community Influence on Self-Management and Prosocial Relationship Skills: A Path Model              

Jose Maria A. Diestro, Jr.

19        Revised Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire for Secondary School Students

John Wang

33        The Malaysian Primary Education System and Sustainability: Challenges and Opportunities

Zainal Abidin Sanusi, Norizan Md. Nor, Hamoon Khelghat-Doost, Govindran Jegatesen,    and Tunku Fatimah Firdaus Dato’ Tunku Fariddudin

53        Learning in Adult Years: The Experiences of the Nigerian Adult Literacy Learners

John Chinedu Ihejirika


Volume 7 Issue 2, October 2011

1           Issues of International Student Retention in American Higher Education            

Krishna Bista and Charlotte Foster

11         Factors Influencing Marital Satisfaction among Christian Couples In Indonesia: A Vulnerability-Stress-Adaptation Model

Yonathan Aditiya and Carlo Magno

33        Universities of the Islamic World: Catalysts for Global Sustainability Transformation –A Discourse Analysis

Hamoon Khelghat-Doost, Zainal Abidin Sanusi, Govindran Jegatesen, and Tunku Fatimah Firdaus Dato’ Tunku Fariddudin

51        Engagement – Promoting Aspects of Teacher’s Instructional Style and Academic Self Regulated Learning

Rita C. Ramos and Ma. Joanna Tolentino-Anonuevo


1           Exploring the Relationship between Epistemological Beliefs and Self-Determination            

Carlo Magno

24        Enhancing Mathematics Skill and Self-Regulatory Competency through Observation and Emulation

Darshanand Ramdass

45       A Motivational Analysis of Project Work in Singapore Using Self-Determination Theory

C. K. John Wang, Woon Chia Liu, Caroline Koh, Oon Seng Tan, and Jessie Ee

67        How Lesson Study Develops Pre-service Teacher’ Instructional Design Competency?

Eric Cheng


1           The Computerization of the Self Regulated Learning Assessment System: A Demonstration Program in Developmental Mathematics             

John Hudesman, Matthew Carson, Bert Flugman, Dorie Clay and Sharlene Isaac

19        Assessing Cognitive and Metacognitive Learning Strategies in School Children: Construct Validity and Arising Questions

Stephan Wernke, Uta Wagener, Andrea Anschuetz, and Barbara Moschner

39        The Types and Nature of Questions vis-à-vis Students’ Test-Taking Skills as Significant Indicators of Second Language Examinees’ Performance on the TOEFL-ITP Reading Comprehension Sub-Test

Analiza Perez-Amurao

57        The Use of Study Strategies on Mathematical Problem Solving

Carlo Magno

83        Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Academic Procrastination Scale

Romel A. Morales


1           The Role of Self-regulated Learning in Enhancing Learning Performance

Eric C. K. Cheng

17        Assessing the Relationship of Scientific Thinking, Self-regulation in Research, and Creativity in a Measurement Model

Carlo Magno

48       Seeking Solutions: Of Radio/Television Advertisement and Patients/Non-Patients’ Perception of Traditional Medicine in Edo State, Nigeria

Osakue Stevenson Omoera, Kayode Rasaq Awosola, Marcel A. Okhakhu, and

Emmanuel A. Eregare

65        The Thin Is In: Am I Thin Enough? Perfectionism and Self-Esteem in Anorexia

Delma S. Robles

74       Testing Effect for Visual-Symbolic Material: Enhancing the Learning of Filipino Children of Low Socio-Economic Status in the Public School System

Daniel Wartenweiler

94       Comparison of Study Strategies with Interference in Reading a Passage

Arian Anderson Rabino

108      The Effect of Interactive Media on Elementary School Childrens’ Story Memory

Christine Joyce T.  Daluz and Mark Joel DJ. Mapoy



1           Achievement Goals, Implicit Theories and Behavioral Regulation among Polytechnic Engineering Students

C. K. John Wang, Woon Chia Liu, and Stefanie Chye

18        Factors Contributing to Academic Achievement and Moral Development: A Qualitative study

Melati Sumari, Zaharah Hussin, and Saedah Siraj

24        Healing Experience of a Woman Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Melati Sumari and Chen Lee Ping

30        The Predisposition to Help of Filipino and Chinese-Filipino Firefighters

Carlo Magno

56        Program Evaluation in Higher Education

Ghazali Darussalam


Volume 5, Issue 1, September 2010

1           Revisiting Media Imperialism: A Review of the Nigerian Television Experience

Osakue Stevenson Omoera and Elo Ibagere

19        Inclusive Teaching: An Approach for Encouraging Non-Traditional Student Success

Julian Hermida

31         A Study on Schema Activation, Summarizing, and Critical Evaluation as Predictors of Writing Proficiency

Jennifer Tan-de Ramos

40       Predicting Grades in Mathematics and English through Study Habits

Carlo Magno

51        An In-depth Analysis of the Entrepreneurship Education in the Philippines: An Initiative Towards the Development of a Framework for a Professional Teaching Competency Program for Entrepreneurship Educators

Maria Luisa B. Gatchalian

74       Well-being and Interests of the Hearing Impaired

Jasmin E. Acuña and Ruth Q. Bugas

91        The Role of Teacher Assessment in a Community Welfare Training Service

Carlo Magno

120      Investigating Effects of Anxiety and Perfectionism as Predictors of Adolescent Career Indecision

Ryan Jim Sy San Diego


Volume 4, March 2010

1           HIV/AIDS and the Broadcast Media in Urban Communities in Edo State, Nigeria

Osakue Stevenson Omoera, Kayode Rasaq Awosola, Marcel  A. Okhakhu, and Adekunle Ayobami Adesina

16        Breastfeeding Attitude and Employment Type as Determinants of Psychological Well-being among Nursing Mothers

Henry O. Imhonde, Andrew O. Aigbodion, Solomon .O Iyore, and Joyce E. Imhonde

23        Writing a Research Paper: From the Parts to the Whole

Antonio Dias de Figueiredo

28        Writing your Winning Thesis

Jennifer Ann Lajom and Carlo Magno

37        Integrating Nursing Quality with Achievement and Aptitude: Towards Assessing Nursing Potential

Carlo Magno


Volume 3, September 2009

1           Personality Types and Choice of Counseling Orientations among Counseling Students/Trainees in Malaysian Higher Education Institutions

Melati Sumari, Sh Marzety Adibah Al Sayed Mohamad, and Chen Lee Ping

10        Explaining the Creative Mind

Carlo Magno

31         The Importance of Teaching Academic Reading Skills in First-Year University Courses 

Julian Hermida

46       The Electronic Discussion Visits the Spanish-as-a-Foreign-Language Class: Backstage and Insights from an Action-Research Project

Florencia Carlino

57        Higher Education: Reforms in Teacher Education

Manjinder Kaur Thandi and Priyanka Sethi



Volume 2, March 2009

1           Family Interaction Patterns: Relation to Career Beliefs and Career Maturity of College Students

Melati Sumari, Gerard Joseph Louis, and Megan Ng Swee Sin

16        Thinness and Beauty: When Food Becomes the Enemy

Delma S. Robles

31         The Effects of Framing on Decision-Making in Terms of Students’ Academic Concerns

Jee Seul Ahn, Monica Macasaet, Joy Nicole Sim, and Mark Kevin Venegas

46       The Effect of Rehearsal Learning and Warm-up on the Speed of Different Swimming Strokes

Carlo Magno and Elizabeth Mascardo

57        Assessing the Current Marketing Plan of Dominican College-Sta. Rosa Laguna

Monica Aban Zeta


Volume 1, September 2008

Developing Asian Values, Self-construal, and Resiliency through Family Efficacy and Parental Closeness 

Carlo Magno, De La Salle University-Manila, Dyan Profugo, De La Salle University-Manila, Sonia Mendoza, De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde

Asian Values and Epistemological Beliefs as Predictors of Valuing Education

Angeli Malaki, Ma. Socorro Soriano, and Florangle Valdez, De La Salle University

Teaching Approach, Perceived Parental Involvement and Autonomy as Predictors of Achievement 

Aldrich Alvaera, Ma. Eloisa Bayan, and Darwin Martinez, De La Salle University

The Relationship of Coaching Competency on the Athlete’s Self-efficacy and Hope

Robert Dane Chu and Christopher John Tingzon, De La Salle University

Action-Control as Predictors of Learning-Related Achievement Emotions

Christopher Bernard Matti, Dwight Alfon Tria, and Carlo Manuel Verano, De La Salle University